2020: A Year In Review

2020: A Year In Review

2020 has been a year filled with firsts and lasts for me. It’s been a massive learning curve for my 20’s. I’m talking just about leaving university but starting to work full time compared to just working weekends, and building relationships within the workplace, which I’ve found to be super easy with my team. Even though my obsession with Harry Styles and Christmas may come across too over the top sometimes, I am truly sorry guys.

2020 saw me become single again, have I mentioned that? I feel like I need to apologise about mentioning my break up ALL. THE. TIME. I can’t promise it won’t crop up every so often but I’ve learned talking about it on here and in person is very therapeutic and can give a sense of closure too. Especially since all I had to distract me from everything was work.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2021.

Things I Have Learnt

To look after myself more. 2020 has really shown me how to take more care of my mental health, especially through something like a break up (here we go again…). One major thing I’ve gathered is to not hold your emotions in, there’s nothing worse than not talking to someone about how you’re doing. There’s no harm in having a good ol’ cry, let it out. Lockdown made me a tad more emotional than what I was before so I would probably have a little cry once a day and then move on.

Putting myself first has also been a big lesson for me. If you know me personally, you’ll know my family and friends come WAY before me. Grandma’s having a trouble with her phone? I’ll take the whole evening off, sorry those drinks will have to wait. Marty needs help with an Insta post, I’m taking the afternoon and drinking gins with my fave. Being just me has allowed me to step back and think about what I really want to do for myself. I have to admit it is weird not thinking about someone else, but I have an outline of what I want to achieve without anyone getting in my way. She is determined.

An Achievement I Am Proud Of This Year

There’s literally so many to choose from this year, but I think my biggest achievement is (technically not) graduating in a pandemic. I mentioned before I got an alumni magazine from uni and they referred to our year as the ‘Class of Covid-19’. I guess it’s something to pop on the CV. I’m not going to lie, in my final year of university I never thought I was going to finish with a 2:1. I found the work load too much and one of my modules was a bit boring for me so naturally I lost motivation.

Honestly, if Marty wasn’t there I would have just given up. Even when Corona hit and we had to finish the last three months at home, separated from any physical contact with my classmates and interviewees. One of the main parts of journalism is building a rapport with your clients, face to face and hopefully it would lead to more jobs but this year it was really difficult to complete assignments that needed interviews as everyone was adjusting to Covid guidelines and they obviously didn’t really want to put a student trainee journalist at the top of their list.

What I Am Thankful For This Year

Supportive family and friends. I bet you can name them all as I never shut up about them on here and on my social medias. I do love them all so much. How they’ve coped with me for the past few years, never mind in a pandemic I do not know. I want to know their secrets, ha! I bet it’s a secret group chat where they discuss today’s problem I have. I’m joking…I hope. I’m currently cross stitching my little group some personalised hoops which they will get in due course, when my hand stops cramping every two days. We’ll have a belated Christmas bash hopefully!

Little thank you to Starbucks toffee nut lattes for getting me through the last week of work before Christmas. You’ve been a dream. Niamh on coffee is a whole different person. I talk LOADS MORE, like I’ve had a few drinks. Maybe we’ll just keep the coffee for peak times at work, ha!

This is my last post of 2020 until 2021, so I will wish you a VERY happy new year, you deserve it! See you soon!

With love,

Niamh x



  1. 28/12/2020 / 6:42 pm

    It was lovely to read through this. Many congratulations on graduating!! And I do agree, it sounds so cool to be called the β€˜Class of Covid-19’.Graduating definitely is one day everyone surely remembers in some form, this will make it more special I think. It’s amazing how you can do so much despite a raging pandemic. To another amazing year ahead xx

    • Niamh Darby
      28/12/2020 / 7:24 pm

      Thank you so much! It’s felt like a whirlwind of a year but we’ve finally reached the end – bigger and better things are waiting for us all! Take care! Xx

  2. Shyla Elza
    28/12/2020 / 10:26 pm

    Lovely post. Friends and family are so important and this year has taught me that more than anything. Thanks for sharing this. πŸ™‚ Have a happy New Year!

  3. 29/12/2020 / 9:52 am

    Congratulations on such a busy year and such a great achievement in graduating. I hope 2021 brings you contentment and moments of joy. Xx

  4. 29/12/2020 / 4:49 pm

    Love this review! Life is been good or neither bad but always is good to learn more! Congratulations on graduating and sorry for the break up but I sure you will find someone better! Love you 😘


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