About Niamh

Hello, I’m Niamh! I’m a 25 year old journalism graduate living in York, UK. I currently work part time in retail and in my spare time I post on here.

About niamhdarby.com

Created in April 2018, and originally named indigovioletdiaries.com, I created my blog so I had some freelance article practicing during my degree, and after too. Coming from a tourist heavy city, I focus on the local hidden gems in my city centre hoping to help small businesses, while reviewing well-known brands of skincare and make up.


Get to know me a bit more!

What was your first post?

My first ever post was a review of ASOS Design make up, which now waaaaay deep in my archives and unpublished. I’ve come a long way from the dodgy photos and layout too.

What is your social media?

Twitter: @niamhdarby_

Instagram: @niamhdarby

What is your skin type?

It depends. Some months it’s dry and others it’s oily. I use lots of skincare products to protect my face when needed. My skin tone is fair – I currently use Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Satin Foundation in the shade ‘Light Porcelain’.

What is your hair type?

I have naturally curly hair which is reasonably thick in volume. I have never dyed my hair so it’s not damaged or dry.

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