Blue Light Glasses – Worth The Hype?

Blue Light Glasses – Worth The Hype?


I recently invested in some blue light glasses. With working in retail and being a content creator as a side gig, I’m constantly looking at a screen. I came across this pack of three designs on Amazon by Okany which were fairly cheap to test out. I decided to test them out for a couple of weeks to see (ha!) if they actually make a difference.

Blue Light Glasses – what are they meant to do?

Blue light glasses are intend to filter out any harmful light rays which come from digital screens and prevent eye strain. I don’t know about you but I am constantly looking at a screen nowadays. Whether it be my phone or the tills at work, I can feel my eyes becoming really irritated. So irritated that my eye constantly swells up and goes bloodshot, I know. I’m a right catch. I find it really difficult to switch off and relax because my life revolves around screens. On my days off I tend to use my phone less but I use my Macbook more as I’m writing blogs, shopping or just browsing. It’s one bad habit I’ve gotten into, fingers crossed these glasses can contribute to the reduction of my screen time.

I don’t usually wear glasses so it did feel a bit strange for the first couple of days wearing these. I decided to wear them at work as well as I’m usually looking at a till screen, I did worry I was going to be a bit conscious of people looking at me funny as the frames are a tad bigger than my face. However, even after the first day of using them my eyes were less irritated and tired. I would fully recommend these glasses so far. These blue light glasses have been brilliant and a tenner for three pairs is a right bargain.

One week review

I’ve worn the glasses for a week straight at work and absolutely adore them. My eyes feel less strained and I’m sleeping much better too. I take regular breaks from using them just so the glasses don’t affect my eyesight. Just make sure the glasses you buy don’t include magnifiers, that could really change and potentially ruin your eyesight if you don’t usually need or wear glasses. It’s also a plus I can actually pull off wearing glasses too! Blue light glasses have become part of my normal attire now – everyone around me is used to me wearing them now and with the funky frames, they can be quite fashionable.

I’ve linked a few of my faves below (hashtag affiliate links).

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Okany Blue Light Glasses
Okany Blue Light Glasses

Niamh x

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  1. 18/08/2021 / 21:19

    I’ve been using blue light glasses for quite a few months now and I think they make a difference! It prevents me from getting such awful headaches and especially with the amount of online lectures. Love the review x

    • Niamh Darby
      18/08/2021 / 21:22

      They are brilliant when I’m at work as they stop me from fiddling with my eyes and getting headaches. Thanks for reading! X

  2. 19/08/2021 / 19:53

    I wear glasses all day (have very poor eyesight) and spend most of the day looking at a screen so I wonder if there are options for someone who still needs to wear their own eyeglasses to see with? This post has inspired me to see what blue light items would be good for me — thanks!

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