Castle Howard, York

Castle Howard, York

Castle Howard is a must stop for any resident or tourist close to Yorkshire. With it’s beautiful green scenery, it’s a great day out – whatever the weather. This famous landmark is where they film Bridgerton, luckily we went before they shut it off for filming.

History of Castle Howard

Did you know the castle itself was built from east to west? Built over 100 years, Castle Howard has spanned the lifetime of three Earls. The 3rd Earl of Carlisle recruited the help of his friend, John Vanburgh to build this iconic stately home. In November 1940, Castle Howard was caught in a house fire. The fire caused damage to the basement, upper levels and the dome, which collapsed into the Great Hall. I believe this is where the ball scenes in Bridgerton are filmed.

The Grounds and Castle

The grounds of Castle Howard really are beautiful. We had a lovely leisurely stroll with the doggos and even had a picnic while facing the lake. We did the entire estate bar going into the house as it was closed due to the winter months until Spring. As you can see below, the entire day was very picturesque and wholesome, especially since we went just a few days before Christmas. There was a Christmas fayre on but we were a tad disappointed in the lack of snow, but it was bloody freezing! A pit stop at the cafe on the lake was needed, this was before we embarked on the grounds walk!

How to get to Castle Howard & Important Information

Castle Howard is 15 miles North East of York, just off the A64 near Leeds and the Yorkshire Coast. It’s quite a scenic drive when you reach the entrance. The estate says pre-booking is essential to make sure you can avoid disappointment. Once you’re in the estate, walk to the admissions centre for a guide to your visit. It’s a fast process so you won’t be waiting too long.

Find out more before your visit here.


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