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Styling Your Dresses & Playsuits This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing here in York after a few miserable weeks. This year I’ve fallen in love with trusty smock dresses, especially the midi length ones. They are perfect for a full day at work then transitioning to day or evening drink plans.


Starting a Blog: The Basics

Recently I’ve had a few messages from friends and readers asking for advice on how to start their own blogs. For a while, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing these types of posts but like every other blogger – I’m still learning.


Avoiding Red Flags on Dating Apps

Using dating apps during lockdown has kind of helped take the awkwardness away if we actually do meet up.


Making Life Biodegradable & Eco Friendly

2021 was the year I finally put my foot down on numerous things – including my impact on the planet.


5 Indie Foodie Places to Visit in York, UK

York is such a beautiful city and I’m very lucky to live in such a place. With a local or chain restaurant and bar on every corner, we really are spoiled for choice.


There’s No Room For Your Bullsh*t Here

Since I posted a very raw and honest post about still being a virgin during my mid 20’s, I have become subject to utter bull.