Blue Light Glasses – Worth The Hype?

Working in retail and being a content creator as a side gig, I’m constantly looking at a screen so my eyes get really strained. I came across this pack of three blue light glasses on Amazon by Okany which were fairly cheap to test out.

Avoiding Red Flags on Dating Apps

Using dating apps during lockdown has kind of helped take the awkwardness away if we actually do meet up.

Making Life Biodegradable & Eco Friendly

2021 was the year I finally put my foot down on numerous things – including my impact on the planet.

There’s No Room For Your Bullsh*t Here

Since I posted a very raw and honest post about still being a virgin during my mid 20’s, I have become subject to utter bull.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

Hi, I’m Niamh and I’m a 23 year old virgin. That’s it. That’s the post.

Why I’m Not Actively Looking For a Relationship

I don’t know why I was so afraid, if that’s the right word, to be on my own again. I have the world’s most supportive friends and let’s be honest – I am much healthier now I’m not going out all the time. I wasn’t overly happy with my appearance and my clothes were feeling a bit tighter than they were before when I first bought them. I just wasn’t Niamh towards the end. I was putting the wrong person first but at the time I didn’t see that.