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Since finishing university and being furloughed, I tend to forget what having a routine is like these days. The only routine I have is getting up ridiculously late and remembering to do my skincare routine. Hopefully, when this post goes out, I’ll be back at work, covered in PPE, interacting with other humans, and seeing my work friends. I do miss them. Pinterest at the moment seems to be covering mental health and self-care which I am loving. Everyone deserves to be content in their lives without the stress and hassle of others getting in the way. Life is too short to be letting that happen SO here’s my little self-care bible to help you simplify those tasks you dread doing weekly or daily!

Plan meals & daily tasks on a Sunday

Sunday is a day to forget about the week you’ve just had. Every Sunday I plan my week on my mini whiteboard in my room so I know that I have certain things to ‘achieve’ in the week. I know I’ve got nothing big to do and I can only tidy my room so many times but it’s always nice for my peace of mind to have a plan for the week.

My parents and I plan our meals out on a meal planner I bought from work. It is really handy to invest in a mini whiteboard to pop in your room along with a meal planner so you can plan your day around those factors. If you don’t fancy having a whiteboard, a diary is always a good and portable alternative, so you can update on the go!

Don’t set all the hard tasks at once

I tend to do this one a lot. Spread out the tasks and make sure you take enough breaks so you don’t overwork yourself. Set a timer for 40 minutes and after the buzzer goes off, have a 20 minute break to refocus, top up your tea and biscuit supply and get ready to tackle a new task with a fresh mind. This is really useful for bulk writing blogs or revising for exams, I wish I would have done this for my GCSEs and I possibly could have tried harder to study, especially with this schedule.

I mean I did alright but exams do stress me out, I don’t do well under pressure, I get that trait from my Mam, but my Dad seems to LIVE off the pressure…weirdo. Mam and I tend to start early and then stress a tad before anything major…so I’ve resorted to drinking tea out of my fave mug and sometimes having a rich tea or two.

Make time for yourself

YES. THIS IS IMPORTANT. I am guilty of putting others before myself, we all do it, but I’ve got to learn to start standing up for myself and putting me first. Making time for yourself doesn’t exactly mean you have to copy what everyone else’s definition of the saying is. For example, I love knowing I have my own space so I can pop on an old chick flick, pack on a face mask, grab a drink and just chill for an evening.

I’m currently hooked on New Girl since Netflix have released all the seasons – I’m only halfway through season one but I’m rooting for Jess and Nick to wake up and realise they need to be together…anyway, went on a bit of a tangent then. Making time for yourself can mean whatever you want it to be. The other week I cleaned my Pandora bracelets, rings and necklace and it took a full afternoon but I felt very calm and satisfied afterwards.

Make time to see friends & family

I’m currently writing most of my posts in lockdown. I don’t know what the UK’s situation will be like but hopefully when this post goes out, we can be within touching distance of each other. It would be nice to see different faces again. I can’t go and visit my Grandma and Grandad often as Grandma is in the ‘shielded’ category. It’s little difficult on our family, however we did go in the garden and keep our distance for a good catch up once it was allowed.

I guess it will be really weird once we are back to our new normal. The world will be a completely different place. I had to cancel mine and the boys weekend getaway to Center Parcs due to Coronavirus. But it’s made us look forward to being together and going away even more…I just don’t think they are ready to meet overexcited Niamh just yet, those poor boys.

Note any occasions coming up in the month

I am a planner. Sometimes I plan too far ahead which baffles a lot of people. I mean I sorted Will and Jake’s Christmas presents out in January. Christmas is something I take very seriously, along with my birthday. If you really know me, your present has been thought about, bought and stored for months, and is wrapped the week before, along with a card which probably mentions an inside joke for you to have a chuckle at. I am THAT friend.



  1. Mrs d
    04/08/2020 / 09:44

    This is a great post for a way to be more productive. I like the idea of setting a timer, Iā€™m going to try it.
    Thanks for sharing
    Mrs D

  2. 04/08/2020 / 11:24

    Fab tips. I don’t meal plan or anything but I am a sucker for a to-do list and it really helps simplify my day because it doesn’t require me to think at ALL about anything I need to do!

  3. Corinne
    04/08/2020 / 11:42

    I love this post! I’ve learnt to simplify my life over the years. Like you, I now plan meals with my husband on a Sunday night. When I was still working 9-5, I also planned all my outfits for the week on Sunday night, that way, my morning routine was as easy as possible.

  4. 04/08/2020 / 11:49

    These are some great tips. I love to do my food shop, meal planning and prepping, and writing my to-do lists on a Sunday so that I’m all set up for the week ahead x

    Roni |

  5. 04/08/2020 / 15:27

    Great advice! I admit, I have been SO bad about making sure that I schedule out time for ‘me’, but I’ve been working really hard at making that a bigger priority in my day. Even now, I’m sitting here reading blogs and watching one of my favourite shows for a bit as a break in the middle of a busy day of writing – it doesn’t have to be elaborate, it just needs to be something we enjoy.

  6. 05/08/2020 / 20:27

    Great post! Planning meals is a great idea, and I definitely think having a streamlined system for keeping up with your activities as things get busier is super important. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  7. Richie
    07/08/2020 / 12:38

    Hi Niamh. Some great tips there. I must admit, we’re not very good at meal planning – we have a rough idea and shop accordingly but it’s not as if we do “Lasagne Monday, jacket potatoes and salad Tuesday, and so on”. Splitting hard tasks across multiple days can be useful, if time limits permit, especially if you can then tackle them first thing when you are freshest.

  8. Great post! I love the idea of simplifying during these crazy times. I’m coping with the quarantine by giving myself way too much to do every day, and stressing out when I don’t finish anything (it’s a vicious cycle). I love your suggestion of prioritizing visits with friends and family. We have a nice big backyard, and can easily visit with people while keeping distance, we just have to make it a priority! I also sit down every Sunday to plan out my schedule for the week, though I have an electronic to-do list, not a white board. I do like it for planning out my things to do, but you’re right, I need to schedule some time for myself! Great post! PS – I just finished a binge of “New Girl.” It’s so funny, OMG, you’re going to love it!

  9. 07/08/2020 / 17:42

    Love your post! I REALLY want to get into meal planning, but unfortunately nothing ever sticks. It’s hard to plan with my toddler because I need to plan my meals around her diet too, but this is fantastic advice! I’ll give meal planning another shot šŸ™‚

  10. 08/08/2020 / 11:41

    I really love all of these ideas and definitely need to do some of these myself. I am always really keen to plan things in advance so I like doing that on a Sunday for the week ahead! Thanks for sharing these ideas, I’m sure they’ll help so many people out including myself šŸ˜Š

  11. 08/08/2020 / 13:08

    Absolutely spot on tips. Simple planning and simplicity makes life easier. Thanks for sharing,

  12. 08/08/2020 / 14:28

    This is what we all need right now. I do a few of these things already, but it’s always good to be reminded to actually do it. Especially taking time for myself, I’m still bad at that! But that’s why I bake and blog, they’re things I do for me to unwind. But meal planning is a big yes! It’s so helpful, managing funds are made so much easier too!!

    Quinn x

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