Lush Virtual Skincare Masterclass

Lush Virtual Skincare Masterclass


Last week I took part in a virtual spa evening with Lush I saw being advertised on Instagram. It was brilliant and really reasonably priced for what was included in the 30 minute event. For £22.95, you receive three sample sized products and two full sized products – including one of their fresh face masks. This masterclass is great for anyone like me who’s skin gets quite oily if you skip a couple of days of your normal skincare routine. I’m thinking of swapping a couple of my Pixi products for these ones as they were a bit gentler on my skin and actually worked and smelt better. Does anyone else think Pixi’s Glow range smells like Sudocrem or is that just me?

You can keep your eyes out for this experience here and check out my reel including all the products below.

Ultrabland Cleanser

For the first part of cleansing, I was really surprised at the consistency of this product. It looked more of a moisturiser to me. Compared to my current cleanser which is a gel, I would opt to buy the full size version of Ultrabland as it worked miracles. While applying a 5p sized amount your skin, make sure to apply in upward motions towards your forehead to get the most out of the product working it’s magic of lifting up your facial muscles.

Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Cleanser

I have never thought about or even used two cleansers, one after the other but I’m so glad Lush introduced me to this technique. The fresh cleanser acts to exfoliate your skin and get rid of any dead skin that won’t budge – this works wonders. Grab at 10p sized ball and rub it around your hands with warm water until it turns into a clay like consistency, then apply the same motions as with the first cleanser.

Argan Facial Oil Bar

You’ll probably have a little chuckle at this but when I was ordering and even when the products arrived, I thought this was soap, ha! Shows how much I know about facial oils and their forms, every day is a school day! I also didn’t realise how quickly this bar reacts to heat so that’s the only tiny downfall. Rub the bar in your hands for about ten seconds and apply to your chin and forehead in circular motions, don’t forget about your jawline either.

Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

This was my favourite part of the evening. Ten minutes of relaxation with a fresh face mask. I must admit I forgot to put it in the fridge when it first arrived and before the class. Thankfully, it still did the job. All of the products in this bundle smell amazing. You do come out at the end feeling very relaxed and ready for a chilled evening. Leave this product on for up to ten minutes. For these ten minutes, the Lush Spa will talk you through some breathing exercises and stretches.

Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser

Apply this product as you usually would but make sure the product has properly soaked into the skin and voilà! The session over ran a tad as there was a question and answer element. You can turn off here but some of the questions were really helpful. I’ve noticed when I leave my skin for a day it just turns greasy which isn’t ideal. These products really helped recover and rescue my skin so a massive thank you to Lush for a wonderful evening!

Don’t forget: self love is the best kind of love.

With love,

Niamh x



  1. 19/02/2021 / 5:17 pm

    I’m perhaps a little too obsessed with Lush and their products and I can vouge that Angles on Bare Skin is amazing! Glad you enjoyed this experience.

  2. 23/02/2021 / 7:50 pm

    Love these products! I didn’t know they did an online class, I may look into it! Thanks for sharing!

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