Meet My Support Bubble

I think it’s about time you met my support bubble before, during and even after this global pandemic.

Golden Trio

Meet Alice and Chris.

I’ve mentioned these two before in previous posts but I haven’t properly introduced them. They both work with me…well I say work, when we are all on a shift together, you can guarantee we try our best but we’re too busy ripping into each other or organising nights out. Chris and I were in the same group interview and guess who interviewed us? Yep, Alice! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we started working together, time flies. I remember Alice saying she was intrigued by my blog when she read my CV and she’s always asking when my next blog will be up…HERE IT IS. Jokes, thanks for supporting me and pushing me to be my best always.

I mean it might sound a bit lovey dovey but they are the best, especially when lockdown was first announced, our FaceTime game nights were a hoot…and these two are the only people who have seen me proper MORTAL. Jeez, man. Never again…until the next night out, ha! I couldn’t imagine going out as much as I do now while I was working with the team at the garden centre but when you meet people who understand your craziness and make you come out of your shell, it’s just great. Also, thank you for looking after me when that customer was horrible to me…more on that later.

So I guess this is a little love note (EW) to you both, thank youuuuuu, much love.

Will, Jake, Marty & Lauren

Will, Jake, Marty and Lauren. What a quartet. I love you all very much – thanks for being there for my emotional butt throughout this pandemic. It’s funny how a garden centre of all places (bar Marty) brought us all together and even though we’ve moved on to bigger and better endeavours, we all still check in on each other and try to fit each other into our work schedules. We’re adulting, right?

It’s quite handy knowing I’ve got Marty down the road from work for when I need to rant or just see a familiar face. The other week I had an AWFUL experience at work, a customer was just plain rude and arrogant for NO REASON after I gave him a simple instruction and I don’t know if it was because me and my lovely team had been working so hard all week or that I was just knackered but I went down to the staffroom and CRIED. I love my job and I am mostly smiling and jolly so everyone knew that I wasn’t myself. Luckily Alice was there to give me a hug and popcorn, and Marty made sure I was all good and kept checking on me the next day. Please be nice to shop assistants, we’re just doing what we’ve been told to do.

Get you supportive friends like mine, especially when you’re stressed to the high heavens because you have complete your degree ONLINE for the last three months, I honestly don’t know how we did it Marty, but we did together. WHOOHOO, 2:1’s MAN!

Last but not least…my parents!

Congrats to these two wonderful humans for creating an even crazier version of them. 23 years of stressing because of education and exams but NO MORE! I’m a proper adult now…she says. I honestly thought lockdown would be a lot tougher than it was, but it was ace. Monopoly games with Dad and crafting with Mam – we know how to have fun, ha! At the start of lockdown, I was really emotional because I was missing everyone and the daily briefings were just getting too much so I would have a little cry at least once a day, sorry Dad!

The second half of lockdown wasn’t so bad – I got my 2:1 (whoohoo!), I turned 23 and got two Colin the Caterpillar cakes! Living the life, ha! Thankfully some restrictions had been lifted for my birthday but I opted to have family round, all under the rule of six, don’t worry. I had a lush day and evening and was pooped at the end of it…is this what starting to edge into your mid-20’s does to a woman? Oh dear. Thank you for the birthday wishes on Twitter and Instagram, you’re a lovely lot.

Stay safe!

With love,





  1. 16/10/2020 / 9:51 am

    Such a lovely post! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy x

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