Mr Salary (Faber Stories) by Sally Rooney

I’m actually going ahead with one of my goals for this year: to read more. I’ve decided to share with you all my favourite or not so favourite reads of 2021! More importantly I’m working with one of my closest internet friends too! Natalie and I will be bringing you our reading material of 2021 once or twice a month and hopefully smashing our 2021 reading goals.

I came across this book while looking at reading Normal People by Sally Rooney and thought I’d check out her earlier work. I did the dreaded thing of watching the TV show first and then deciding to read the book after completing the series, oops. I found Mr Salary in a short story collection and luckily it was going really cheap on the Kindle store.

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Summary & Review

“Years ago, Sukie moved in with Nathan because her mother was dead and her father was difficult, and she had nowhere else to go. Now they are on the brink of the inevitable.” Amazon’s summary of this book really bigs the story up for a first impression, however, the reader is left a tad confused from the beginning. The lack of speech marks and punctuation in this passage is a journalist’s NIGHTMARE. You don’t really know who’s talking in this book so that factor ruined it for me a tad.

Like most people who have read this short story, I am a tad confused as to why it finishes the way it does. I see the similarity to Normal People and I wish certain aspects of this book were clearer. It does end quite abruptly but it is a good short story for a rainy day. Nathan and Sukie deserve their own full novel so we can fully understand what happens between them. Even though you hardly get to know Nathan, you can tell he’s a personable chap but I am really confused if they are actually family or if he even likes Sukie in that way.

Sukie is the main point of view of this story. Personally I think she comes across a bit too forward for my liking, no spoilers here but one question she asks is just very out of the blue and threw me. Her father is in critical condition in hospital and it seems all she cares about is finding out if Nathan feels the same way she does. A big no – no in my world. I think if this story was a full novel then so many questions would be answered and to be quite honest, everything would make far more sense.



I think you can tell from my review I don’t think it deserves the full five stars – I’m keeping my eye out for a full length novel of this story.

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  1. 11/01/2021 / 8:59 pm

    I agree with you on this one! I felt like it was a bit too much of a Normal People prototype that didn’t really work on its own. And I just felt so creeped out by the weird relationship between the two of them.

    • Niamh Darby
      11/01/2021 / 9:13 pm

      We don’t really know much about them but it feels like it could be explored a bit more!

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