Restarting My Blog & How I’m Conquering 2020

Hey, it’s been a while.

I hope you all had a great Chrimbo and New Year!

I’ve been busy focussing on my dissertation and working my butt off in December with my job, it was lovely to have a bit of a break from the blog though. I think sometimes I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself to do so much – hence why the blog took a backseat. This year, I’m going to post when I feel like it and focus more on uni, Josh, friends, and family.

2020, what’s up!

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much Josh and I content on social media or on here…don’t panic, we’re all good! My dissertation has been taking the front seat recently which he totally understands, he does come round and sit with me while I frantically type and stress out, ha! I must say he copes with me very well! My dissertation is actually about blogging and influencers so I don’t know why I stress so much – I know my shiz.

Speaking of knowing my shiz, I have bought two Christmas presents already. Yes, I know. I’m crazy, but I’ve decided 2020 is the year I get my act together and get properly organised. I do blame Josh a tiny bit as for Christmas he bought me a Christmas planner book…in fact, blame him entirely. Anyway, I bought the presents in the sale (*ahem* at work *ahem*) so we got a good deal and are now two down, twenty-something to go. We actually spent an evening working out budgets for each occasion and for each family member or couple for Christmas. I’m rubbing off on him, yay! You’d have thought being a bus driver would’ve meant he was on time and organised all the time…NOPE. He has a little helper aka me…

…before you ask, I already have Valentine’s and most of Josh’s birthday presents sorted already. Maybe I am crazy.

This year, I’m going to knuckle down on actually organising some overdue nights out with friends and with Josh too. I mean, yes we do go out for food and bowling but we sometimes need a proper date night – I organised six months of dates as part of his Christmas present. Last time I went out for a proper night was work’s Christmas do and it clicked that I need to let my hair down every now and then with a different group.

There’s been some changes to the blog.

You might have noticed I have deleted all my previous posts bar five. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t proud of the content I was producing and what better way to start again with a new year, a new decade and a new focus of what I want to feature on my blog. Last year, I felt like I had to post otherwise I would lose readers or something would happen to my blog, but this year I won’t feel like that! I’ll post what I want when I want!

Oh, yes…I have a new theme! I like the simplicity of this theme, especially the layout of my posts on the homepage. Yep, that’s another thing I won’t be doing this year: using filters. That goes for Instagram too. I got a new phone for Christmas and the camera is AMAZING. I’ll still feature photos in my posts, but only when I feel it’s necessary. That’s one of the reasons why I binned my other posts…photo overload!

I’m planning to install a page or plugin where you can shop my outfits and the products I use straight from the post too so if anyone’s got any advice for anything like that, please get in touch! But hey ho, I’m still the same ol’ Niamh, just a little bit more aware of what I want to gain from my blog and how to do it. So take this as my comeback blog…here’s to new beginnings!

See you soon,




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