The Druid’s Temple, Masham

The Druid’s Temple, Masham

The Druid’s Temple is a hidden escape near Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Perfect for a fresh walk and beautiful views in and around the forest.

History of The Druid’s Temple

Despite it’s mighty title, Druid’s Temple is, in fact, not a temple. Styled after the well known Stonehenge, this stoney attraction was built to reduce unemployment in the local area of North Masham. Workers earned a shilling per day while constructing this location. Myths and mystical rumours have often brought tourists to visit, including practices of devil’s worshipping. When we visited, there was a single rose on the fashioned table and a lit candle in a somewhat cave. It was very spooky, but enjoyable at the same time.

The surrounding views are simply wonderful as you can see. We followed the green route through the woods. I recommend wellies or sturdy boots as there’s a few muddy paths to follow. We visited after a very windy weekend so some trees had fallen but much to our advantage as they were blocking a few 4X4’s from driving along the paths. It was a wholesome Sunday outing, only this time there was no picnic. However, we did visit the Black Sheep brewery pub on the way back to York for a well earned beer.

How to Get to Druid’s Temple

Just an hour’s drive from the centre of York, this location is easy to reach. Follow the signs while on the A1 and you’ll be there in no time. No tickets are needed for this attraction, although you can make a donation to pay for your parking in the allocated box when you first arrive.

Find out more before your visit here.


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