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Now that the dust has settled, I have had time to reflect on the process in the final days in the run up to the Insight Impact Seminar and the Awards Ceremony. It was our first attempt at running, what, in effect, is four online events in one day. Naturally this introduced a nervousness to proceedings, but we needn’t have been concerned, the feedback from attendees has been fantastic. Everything came together beautifully. We’ve learned a lot and we can do it again, with confidence. All of which leads me to the point of thanking Niamh for her contribution. We were spinning a lot of plates as the day of the events drew near.

We placed our trust in her and she came up with the goods. Events, and Award Ceremonies in particular, are made successful by attention to detail. Most importantly there has to be a flow, a natural bridging from one item to the next, otherwise it would seem ragged and unprofessional, which is why her work was so important. I thought Niamh did a super job of taking the raw material, our film footage and our top and tale slides, and merging them together. The sequence ran smoothly. It was an excellent job of editing. Thank you.

Without the work Niamh did, the events would not have been the success they have proven to be. It really made the Seminar and the Awards Ceremony shine. I was also impressed by the fact that Niamh displayed an appropriate sense of urgency and took responsibility for ensuring that deadlines were met, and just as importantly, in keeping us informed of progress. Proactive, effective communication is vital to the successful execution of a programme plan. It helps preserve a sense of calm at the point when the pressure is on.

Thomas Kerr, AURA

She did a good job of providing the detail, and the timings, of the start and finish of introductions and presentations. This was invaluable when it came to hosting the events. And, I have to say, I liked the way Niamh dealt with the glitch with one of the recordings. That could have been a very awkward situation indeed. By finding a solution and acting quickly, she removed what could have become a stumbling block to the successful delivery of that particular session. Well done. In conclusion, I thought Niamh did a super, very professional, job. Displaying the right attitude, and sense of responsibility, is just as important as having the skills to do the work that is needed. It’s what creates a sense of teamwork and leads to successful outcomes. Niamh’s attitude was great.

I hope Niamh gets many opportunities in future to repeat this kind of work. I would have no reservations in recommending her to others who find they need support when delivering events.

Thomas Kerr, AURA Insight

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