Turning Up The Heat with 200 Degrees, York

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Located in the heart of the city centre and a two minute walk away from the iconic York Minster, 200 Degrees is a must stop for any budding tourist or resident of York. Once you step into the café, you are instantly greeted by the hum of conversations and the calming atmosphere. The modern music playing faintly in the background welcomes you to take a seat. Think La Bottega Milanese but a little less hipster. The furnishings of the space are complete by booths and various tables dotted around, sitting a total of 82 visitors.

As I enter, I immediately take the middle table facing the door. I take in my surroundings, noting the spacious design of the establishment. After meeting friends, we move to a booth with a more intimate setting, which just happens to face the front desk where you can watch your hot drinks being expertly crafted.

You can tell this isn’t your ordinary pit stop café while browsing the city.

Better latte than never

I wanted to grab five minutes with the York manager, Megan Pritchard, to discuss the start-up and success of 200 Degrees but the timing wasn’t right. The company have just opened a new branch at the Outlet store in York.

During my visit, I notice the staff look very comfortable and like a real team. Showing they are pretty much part of the furniture. Laughing and in good spirits while curating expert latte arts and hot chocolates. The opening of this café was delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions last April. However the staff seem in high spirits and won’t let the pandemic let them down.

Talking about popular products, it seems their extensive coffees and bakery treats are a winner. I must admit, I have had a brownie and it was lush. Even better, it was vegan too. Perfect pick-me-up to continue your day.

If you’ve been tempted to visit, you can find 200 Degrees on Instagram and their website. Don’t forget to download their app during your visit.

[Not an ad or gifted, pitched to the company]


  1. 11/10/2021 / 14:34

    I’ve never been here before, so I’ll have to go next time in York (hopefully at the end of the month!) York is always sop lovely (but cold) during the winter months x

  2. 11/10/2021 / 16:32

    I really enjoy a good place to just sit and relax while having some tea or coffee. This place sounds like it has a good atmosphere (I look for that). Thanks for sharing!

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